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We offer hands-on cyber-security services, which are up-to-speed with attackers, and are delivered by our Israeli elite cyber-security team, and our local, highly trained Swiss staff.

Cyber-Security Assessment & Improvement

Organizations assess their cyber-security posture to determine their cyber-maturity level, compared with industry peers. An organization with an inadequate level of cyber-maturity is putting its digital assets, customers and shareholders at risk.


We provide organizations with a methodological approach to assessing their cyber-maturity level. Our report covers domains including cross-organizational security methods, policies and procedures; cyber-security operations; network level security; hosts and endpoint level security; application level security; sensitive data management; identity management and remote access, as well as physical security.


We work remotely and on-site to conduct a comprehensive cyber-security assessment report and management presentation that summarizes our findings. Reports are submitted to the customer in English or German, in line with the organizational needs. Upon identifying the key weaknesses in the organization’s various domains we work together with the organization to improve its cyber-security posture as cost-effectively as possible. We focus on improving first the high-priority areas, which pose the greatest cyber risk to the organization.





Penetration tests are done to identify weaknesses in specific areas, such as newly-launched applications, existing applications, Internet perimeter, servers, and others.


When conducting a pen-test, we identify the weakest security points in the organization’s defined tested area; we analyze the root cause of the security vulnerability; we recommend cost-effective solutions for the identified security vulnerabilities; and we present an initial remediation and mitigation plan.


Our tests are conducted carefully with close communication with the customer, to refrain from any business interruption or downtime.


We offer our customers to conduct the test in

either one of the following ways:

  1. Military-grade penetration-testing, conducted by our Israel-based team
  2. Swiss-style penetration-testing, developed by our local senior Swiss pen-testers
  3. “Bug-Bounty” Penetration-Testing. We allocate the task to a vetted, trusted community of ethical hackers, who compete against each other to identify the vulnerability in our customers’ systems. Our customers define the target area for the penetration-test, as well as the budget they allocate for this specific task. The hackers compete with each other to get the most effective result for our customer.


Our penetration-testing reports and presentations can be submitted in English or German.





Cyber-Awareness Training

With 90% of successful attacks starting with phishing or spear-phishing emails, employees are widely seen as the weakest link in the organizations. The problem is, that not all employees are adequately familiar with the level of threat they pose to their organization.


We offer training sessions for employees, management and boards to better understand the cyber-crime world, identify phishing effectively, and reduce the overall organizational risk level. We execute cyber-security exercises and demos for boards and management. We offer our lectures in English and German.




Cyber-Defense for Small & Medium Enterprises

According to Synantec, 43% of cyber attacks in 2016 targeted SMEs with fewer than 250 employees.

Small and Medium Enterprises are at a dilemma when it comes to cyber-defense. On the one hand, not taking active cyber-security measures leaves the organization vulnerable to attackers, who are targeting the “low-hanging fruit” (or the unprotected organizations). On the other hand, expert cyber-defense services and technologies tend to be too expensive and not affordable for an SME. For this reason, we have developed a special offering for SMEs, which is affordable, and can reduce the cyber-security risk of an SME.





CISO As a Service

Not all organizations are large enough to justify the hiring of a Chief Information Security Officer, or a CISO. Small and medium size organizations with a few dozens of employees, may be well-equipped with an external function overseeing the CISO responsibilities in the organization, and working hand-in-hand with the C-level management of the organization.


We offer to support you with our CISO-As-A-Service offering, in order to balance between your budget needs, and your concern with cyber-risk. Services are offered in English and German.




Incident Response

Cyber attacks cannot be predicted and can hit an organization at the worst moment. In the scope of our Incident Response offering, we provide our customers with a 24/7 phone number they can call if anything happens. We commit to managing a cyber incident within a pre-agreed period of time. We provide the highest standards of cyber-security incident response, based on our team’s experience in incident response in the elite cyber-security military units in Israel.




Venture Advisory in Cyber-Security

We work together with venture capitalists to identify the most promising startup investment opportunities in the Israeli cyber-security ecosystem.




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