Our Technologies

We offer hands-on cyber-security services, which are up-to-speed with attackers, and are delivered by our Israeli elite cyber-security team, and our local, highly trained Swiss staff.


Kindly note that the list of technologies below is not comprehensive. We onboard new technologies on an ongoing basis, and would be delighted to identify for you the right solution in the Israeli market based on our rigorous, proven methodologies.

Industrial Cyber-Security

Industrial control system networks have increasingly become targets for cyber attacks. While IT networks have been traditionally covered, the ICS (or OT) networks have been largely left uncovered.


The risks associated with a cyber-attack on ICS networks vary from business interruption, in the best case, to the loss of human life, on the other hand. The convergence of the physical and the cyber domains has become riskier than ever.


We offer a software solution for ICS network, powered by Israel’s leading ICS provider. The product monitors the ICS network and detects any anomalies within minutes of seamless installation. The product enables to map – within a click of a button – all the devices connected to the ICS network, thus saving the manual mapping of such devices. The tool can generate a comprehensive vulnerability assessment report on the ICS network. The product has been implemented successfully across global Swiss industrial manufacturing, pharmaceutical, energy and utilities companies.




Automated DarkNet Scanning

The DarkNet is a restricted-access network that is used, among others, by cyber-criminals to trade stolen information: stolen credit card numbers, bank accounts, usernames, passwords, and other sensitive information.


Our solution scrapes the DarkNet and produces valuable security-driven cyber threat intelligence for an organization. An organization can plug in its most targeted digital assets – URLs, executive names, domain names and other types of assets – and identify what critical information has leaked to the DarkNet, and what cyber-attack campaigns against it are currently being discussed on the DarkNet. The solution also offers remediation of these campaigns at a click of a button. The solution has been successfully deployed among dozens of leading Swiss and international companies.





IoT Cyber-Security

The number of smart, connected IoT devices that are used in corporate environment, is on the rise. Corporate environments today consist of dozens of IoT devices connected to its networks – including coffee machines, web cameras, vending machines etc.


The challenge is to gain visibility into what is connected to the network and detect any malicious activity. We offer a sensor-based solution which can assist organizations in controlling the IoT environment effectively, and detect any malicious activity in this environment before damage is done.




Source Code Scanning & Analysis

Software developers are busy writing thousands of lines of codes. But to what extent is this code secure?

The cost of adding a security layer to the code, when the writing is complete, is 100 times more expensive than writing code that is secure to begin with. The challenge is often that software developers and engineers are not too excited about security. They just want to write code. We offer a seamless solution which allows developers to write code securely, scan for vulnerabilities and mitigate it.





Behavioral Authentication

Extended layers of security in E-commerce transactions or banking applications can harm user experience and the user-friendliness of the application. Behavioral authentication is an approach based on dozens of behavioral parameters, which can detect whether the user is the real user, or a fraudster, with high percentage of accuracy.


The behavioral parameters include elements such as,

• How strong does the user press the mobile phone screen with his/ her fingers?

• How quickly does the user scroll down the mobile phone screen with his/ her fingers?

The machine-learning algorithmic SDK solution learns the user’s behavior over a few short sessions of behavior, and can later detect effectively whether the user is the real user or not, in an ongoing authentication process. Transactions that are suspicious are blocked, while transactions that are not fraudulent, allow for a much more seamless digital experience.




Secure Email Gateway

Email attachments can be highly problematic because they can contain malware. This solution scans attachments, "disarms" the attachment from any malware, and reconstructs them to come clean to the receiver.





Endpoint Security & Automated Incident Response

Anti-viruses are known not be sufficient any more. Companies are seeking solutions that give visibility into the endpoint. This solution allows CISOs to detect any malware on the endpoint, and remediate it immediately ("automated incident response").





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